Rabbit's Signature Sway Bars for the Can Am Spyder

The Rabbit Works (formally : We Spyd Services) started making Sway Bars in 2012, working with one of Australia's best we came up with a bar that makes riding the Spyder more comfortable, getting back on the bike after a break is less of a chore, with 2 settings easily changed by the side of the road if need be, you can enjoy the comfort of a touring set up or set it up a little bit more aggressive for mixing it up with the boys on their toys

       Sway Bars and Fitment

Our Sway Bars fit all model Can Am Spyders from the Original GS to the current range of RS, ST, RT & F3
They come with easy to follow instructions for the DYI owner or for your local Mechanic, the fitment usually takes about an hour for any model
If you are near by I am happy to fit, call now for an appointment~

All sway bars are Au$275


contact us for postage costs


Our Sway Bars come with Poly Urethane Bushes, we don't supply replacement links for your Spyder as they are not required.

       Tyres & Suspension

While most people will tell you "You have to use the factory Tyre, as it's a Special Motorcycle Tyre!"

As long as you use an equivalent tyre that matches or exceeds the specifications of the manufacturers Fitted tyre, I do not recommend changing tyre sizes but if you need a tyre you will be able to get a quality tyre for the Spyder from most Tyre Shops, on the early Spyders I recommend Maxxis MA-P1 for the front at 24psi and the Toyo Proxes T1R for the rear at 32psi
The late model Spyders try Federal's Evo595 at 24psi on the front

While the early Shockies were adequate the later models were hardly even close, the popular choice are Elka Shocks, there are a number of other brands which I will talk about as I can

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